Lovely Rose Petal Teddy Bear

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If you need a gift for a loved one, we've got the perfect item for you. This lovely Rose Petal Bear reminds your special someone of the strong feelings & emotions you have for them, and shows them how much you care! Entirely handmade, these bears deliver a soft, warm feeling of romantic vibes. Place it in your office, your home, or even your car, and you're good to go! With so many unique options to choose from, find the perfect Teddy Bear for you! 


  • Natural petal texture and folds, rich and thick making them vivid
  • The bottom has no flowers for a better grip
  • The number of rose petals is about 520
  • Petals are so carefully glued that they would not fall
  • 100% Handmade crafted with care
  • Medium Size: 25cm; Large Size: 40cm


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