Outdoor Climbing Anti-Skid Crampons

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When hiking and climbing become life, you need the right gear to make your experience the best it can be!

Get a pair of outdoor climbing crampons.

Our store has these amazing grips for your shoes at very good prices.

 With 18 high-strength steel teeth for aggressive traction and 6 tiny side steel teeth for non-slip technology
 Strategic placement of spikes ensures equal distribution of weight for long-lasting comfort and durability
 Durable elastic harness ensures a stable grip on your shoes for optimal support and safety
 Comes with fastener tape for an extra layer of security
 Convenient carrying bag to store your crampons and make them easy to transport
 Compatible with all kinds of sport's shoes, hiking shoes, and mountain boots, etc.

 Material: Manganese steel & PU
 Fit Shoe Size: Orange Size EU 36-40 / US 6-9, Black Size EU 41-46 / US 7-12
 Item Weight: 430g / 15.2oz

— 1 X Outdoor Climbing Anti-Skid Crampons
— 1 X Carry Bag

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